Last updated at Thu, 31 Aug 2017 14:03:16 GMT

Rapid7's Nexpose just became the first Threat Exposure Management solution to complete AWS' new rigorous pre-authorized scanning certification process!

Normally, a customer must request permission from AWS support to perform vulnerability scans. This request must be made for each vulnerability scan engine or penetration testing tool and renewed every 90 days. The new pre-authorized Nexpose scan engine streamlines the process. When a pre-authorized scan engine is launched from the AWS Marketplace, permission is instantly granted.

This AWS certification effort is a proof point of our continued dedication to securing organizations' data and reducing their risk, and to ensuring our solutions address real customer needs and market trends.

Cloud is increasingly an essential part of the today's modern business networks and an area in which our customers invest. In October 2015 IDC reported that spend on public cloud IT infrastructure was on track to increase by 29.6% year over year, totaling $20.5 billion(1).

The new AWS certification underscores our commitment to ease of use and provides customers with assets in AWS the same level of security and experience as an on-premise deployment.

Organizations can easily gain visibility of their entire attack surface – regardless where their asset sits. The new Nexpose certifications means that customers can simply use our pre-authorized AMI to scan their AWS assets without any of the authorization or permissions required for non-authorized solutions.

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(1) IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, October 2015.