Last updated at Thu, 28 Sep 2017 17:43:10 GMT

Have you been wondering about the theme for UNITED 2016? Well, for those of you who've been on the edge of your seats (and didn't pick up on it from the title of this blog post), the theme of this year's conference is EMPOWERED. Cue thunderous applause!

You should probably be as excited as this guy:

In all seriousness, while conference themes may not exactly have you waiting with bated breath, at Rapid7 we've put a lot of thought into how attendees can get the most out of UNITED. Our goal is to make every keynote, breakout, and panel session count, by providing actionable content that instills confidence – so that you walk away feeling motivated and inspired (dare I say….empowered??) to take security to the next level.

Check out the website, where you can register for the conference and also view the agenda, which will be live in the coming weeks: