Last updated at Thu, 31 Aug 2017 13:57:09 GMT

As most, if not all, current Intel Security customers are aware, Intel has announced the End-of-Life of the McAfee Vulnerability Manager, aka. MVM. Coupled with that announcement, Intel also announces it has partnered with Rapid7 and is recommending that current, and future Intel Security customers, leverage Rapid7's Nexpose to fill their vulnerability and threat exposure management needs.

To aid in the transition from MVM to Nexpose, Rapid7, has developed a Migration Toolkit. The Toolkit contains documentation to walk a customer through a typical pre-deployment/deployment tasks, pre-migration tasks, migration tasks, and post-migration tasks.

You may download the Migration Related Documentation from the community at:

The Migration Toolkit also contains a set of utility scripts to export relevant configuration and data from MVM and import it into Nexpose.

The Migration Utilitywill migrate the following:

  • Scan Configurations; including included and excluded assets, and scan schedule
  • Asset Groups and associated assets
  • Asset Tags applied to assets; including criticality, owner and custom tags
  • Asset Inventory; including IP address, host name, OS, discovered ports and services
  • Scan Credentials (i.e. Credential Sets)
  • Users


Exporting of MVM Scan Configurations:

Importing of Scan Configurations into Nexpose:

The Migration Utility is free to MVM customers that have purchased Nexpose, and is available as a virtual machine for simple setup, configuration and migration. If you are a former MVM customer and are moving to Nexpose, ask your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager about obtaining the Migration Utility. If you purchased Deployment Services, your Global Services Project Manager will advise you where to download the latest Migration Utility.