Katherine A. Hayes is an Inbound Marketing Intern.

Starting out in your career is daunting. It seems as though every decision you make is going to impact the rest of your life. I've been lucky enough to find a company dedicated to my future and wants to see me grow: Rapid7. Starting my career out here is a decision I'm proud of, because working here has really pushed me to try new things and to do my utmost to succeed at what I do. For anyone else thinking about starting your career here -- you should! -- below are my top seven reasons why Rapid7 is such a fantastic place to work.


What I am most happy about with my job at Rapid7 is that it isn't a typical first job. I am not filing papers or fetching coffee for my bosses. Instead I am contributing valuable work that makes me feel as though I am making a difference. When Rapid7 says they value continuous learning it is truly demonstrated. Walking into my job as an inbound marketer I didn't know much about marketing beyond what I had been taught in school and what I had done at short summer internships. After a few months of working here I can say that I am pleasantly surprised by how much I have been taught. I have been taught how to code, design website pages, run extensive keyword research, use video making software, and so much more.


When I was job hunting the idea of being in cyber security seemed intimidating—I had never worked in tech and knew next to nothing about cyber security. I have since realized how amazing working in the technology industry is—I'm working in an environment that is focused on constantly innovating. This means that I have to consistently push myself to innovate, and think outside of my comfort zone. I have learned so much about the technology field in general, and cyber security in particular. The mindset tech forces me to adopt has changed the way I view problems, and I know that it is a skill set that I apply in my personal life and will forever use in my professional life as well.


While we all work hard, we also know how to have fun. I have been able to participate in Flannel Friday, I am learning the art of ping pong from my boss, and I am writing this blog post while sitting on a purple medicine ball. Rapid7 knows that people are what make a company great, and because of this they treat their people well. We have a kitchen fully stocked with snacks, we have fun office events, and we are encouraged to form meaningful relationships with one another that will last for years. Rapid7 treats their employees well, and because of this employees are dedicated to making great work for the company in return.


The company's values—teamwork, meaningful customer partnerships, disciplined risk taking, continuous learning, and individual excellence—are at the core of what we do every day. First-hand I've seen these values in action, whether it's by giving the green light to ideas very different than what we usually do (such as Rapid7's Threat Hunt video game/webcast series), encouraging all employees to attend monthly management training sessions, or hosting events for employees to interact outside of work, whether it be bowling, happy hour, or a Celtics game. The fact that Rapid7 commits so much to their values shows that it is a company that truly cares, which is a great company to work for.


Part of the reason I love my job so much is because I get to interact with people who are not only interesting, funny, and kind, but truly passionate about the work they are doing. The people I've been lucky enough to work with bring so many different experiences to Rapid7. People on my marketing team have intense digital backgrounds, have worked in different agencies, and have extensive consulting experience. On top of this many are from all over the world. I interact daily with our teams in Singapore, Reading, and Austin, and have the opportunity to meet people from all over. Having such a diverse group of people with such enriching life stories is one of my favorite parts of working here.


There are ample opportunities here around every corner. This past January we had our Global Kickoff conference, where employees came together to learn about the different aspects of our business, emerging trends in 2016, and to hear amazing speakers share their expertise. Another example is the book club in the marketing team, where we focus on a different business book each month and discuss themes relevant to how we operate, and marketing in general.  Even in my initial interview it was apparent that people here like to share knowledge and help others grow. I was discussing with my now-coworker how I had my own blog, but was unclear how to set up analytics tracking. The next day he had emailed me a long message detailing what steps I should take, and let me know that if I had any questions he would be more than happy to help, even if I decided to work elsewhere.


I work at the Boston office, right in the heart of downtown Boston. I love being in Boston, and enjoy working at an office that is so immersed within the city, a quick walk to Chinatown, South Station, Faneuil Hall, and the Boston Common. But Rapid7 doesn't end at 100 Summer Street. We have offices all over the world, in cities like Singapore, Reading, Austin, Belfast, Seoul, and Los Angeles, just to name a few. I love knowing that I have the opportunity to work with people all over the world, and knowing that because of this Rapid7 offers an opportunity to work, if only for a few days, in many parts of the world. Being an avid fan of travel, the opportunity this presents is exciting to me.

I could not have asked for a better company to jumpstart my future with than Rapid7. Between the people and the experience, the culture and the values, and everything else that makes Rapid7 the company it is, I have had opportunities I never even imagined, and know that I am on a path that will lead me to success.