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DevOps practices are now finding their way into more and more organizations. Up to now, as the DevOps movement has started to percolate across various industries the focus has been on improving the IT department. In InsightOps’ article 15 Events to Log for Better DevOps we discuss how the effective application of DevOps principals can benefit every department in the organization.

Below are some excerpts from the full article, available here:

Better DevOps for the Sales Team

One way you can bring better DevOps to the sales team is by proactively discovering and investigating issues with the CRM tool. The example query below creates the included result, a visualization of the errors occurring most frequently in a Salesforce instance.

where(severity = ERROR AND /message=.(?P<regmessage>[^:(“]*)/) groupby(regmessage) sort(desc)

Better DevOps for Customer Success

Your Customer Success Team likely spends significant time working in and reporting off of a helpdesk tool like Zendesk. These systems can typically perform standard alerting and escalation as required. However, configuring alerts beyond the provided scenarios can be difficult or impossible. The example below shows a basic alert configuration in InsightOps. The alert is configured to trigger if Acme Corp submits two support requests through Zendesk in a one-day period, which may suggest an ongoing and unresolved issue.

Better DevOps for the Product Team

Using an application language library such as the InsightOps node.js or Java library allows you to log from the front end of your application and get in-depth information about user behaviors.

Tracking clicks on certain features or buttons allows you to perform analysis on how and which features are being used. The query below shows a visualization of the most clicked features in an application.

where(clicked) groupby(feature) calculate(count) sort(desc)

And much more in the full article

Download the full article to get additional examples of how to bring better DevOps to the departments mentioned above as well as suggestions for other departments. For example, in the full article we discuss:

  • What events to log from Apache or Nginx to improve insight for the Marketing Department.
  • What events to log to improve Tableau system efficiency and reliability for the Data Science Team.
  • And, how to use Trello logs for the Product Team.

Each of the 15 events detailed in the full whitepaper include real examples; for demonstration purposes, we use Rapid7’s InsightOps log management tool and the LEQL query language. Sign up for a free InsightOps trial today to try the examples with your own data.

Ready to learn more about bringing better DevOps to all departments in the organization? Download our free whitepaper, 15 Events to Log for Better DevOps.