Last updated at Wed, 30 Aug 2017 00:38:46 GMT

Eric Sun is Solutions Marketing Manager, IDR at Rapid7.

February's edition of SC Magazine features a review of our user behavior analytics solution, InsightUBA (formerly UserInsight):

First two paragraphs:

"Rapid7 has been in the vulnerability game for a long time and they certainly are a respected player. They have been well-known for Nexpose and, of course, they now have Metasploit. What many of us didn't see coming - although we should have - was that they would get into the active detection game. The reason that we should have seen this coming is that Rapid7 also has a solid next-generation analytics platform, and bolting tools that need that sort of analysis power is sort of a no-brainer. So they did and one of the results is [InsightUBA].

Saying that this is just an active detection tool is sort of like saying that the Queen Mary is a boat. [InsightUBA] is a combination of a lot of capabilities including detection of change in behavior of key accounts, such as service accounts, honeypots (and honey users), user impersonation and several other capabilities."

Read the full review here. By directly integrating with your existing network and security stack (including cloud services), InsightUBA helps you detect stealthy attacks, investigate faster, and expose risky user behavior from endpoint to cloud. This means less time retracing user activity and digging through raw log data, and the ability to escape the drudgery of rule and log management. To see InsightUBA in action, check out a full on-demand demo is available here, or read more about InsightUBA here.