Last updated at Wed, 27 Sep 2017 15:19:00 GMT

451 Research, a global IT technology analyst firm, recently reviewed our Incident Detection & Response solution, InsightIDR. The report praises the User Behavior Analytics (UBA) in the solution, and importantly it also supports our corporate mission:

“We believe products such as InsightIDR are blazing new trails for corporate security, to a world where detection of abnormal activities initiates security inspections and reaction. It is not the case that correcting vulnerabilities and filtering exploits ever becomes a nonissue – these will be core competencies of security teams for some time.

The Rapid7 vision starts with managing vulnerabilities, detecting attacks, thriving within the network, applying security expertise, and services to help streamline remediation efforts, and squeezing the costs out of compliance management.”

While we're traditionally known for our Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing solutions and services, our goal continues to be the engineering of simple, innovative solutions for security's critical challenges. InsightIDR was spawned from working hand-in-hand with security teams, combined with our understanding of attacker methods and mindsets to find the traces attackers leave behind.

Analyst Eric Ogren (@EricOgren) also provides color by highlighting how InsightIDR builds upon its tested UBA technology by expanding into SIEM and log management markets, complete with a SWOT analysis.

“Improving the time required to investigate and remediate a security incident by at least an order of magnitude represents a compelling cost savings for security teams. At the end of the day, security investigations end up analyzing user activity in the moments before and after an infection. Rapid7 InsightIDR is already there with the answers.”

Get the 451 Research Report here. If you'd like to see how InsightIDR takes you from compromise to containment – fast, check-out our 30-minute on-demand demo here.