Last updated at Thu, 11 Jan 2018 15:40:04 GMT

When it comes to handling security threats, your biggest asset is your team, the people who are on the frontlines and who bring a mix of strategy, wisdom, and analysis to the game. Of course, with a shortage of security talent, it’s never been more important to be strategic about who you hire, what you hire them to do, and how you support them in those roles. This way, you can make sure that you aren’t just filling seats but building a productive team to ensure efficient security operations.

To help you accomplish this, we put together an eBook that focuses on the fundamentals of building the strongest, most successful security team you possibly can. While some of these tips have been covered in other places on our blog and elsewhere, we thought it was time to bring them all into one quick-to-read and actionable eBook for easy reference.

Here’s what we cover in the eBook:

  • Setting goals for hiring an effective security operations team
  • The roles you should hire, and what they’re responsible for
  • Characteristics of a good candidate
  • How to scale and retain your team

With our eBook, you’ll come away with a clearer sense of what it takes to build a truly powerful security team and a plan for how to get there. Ready to get started?

Download "How to Hire a Strong and Effective Security Team"