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Key trends. Expert advice. The latest techniques and technology. UNITED 2016 is created from the ground up to provide the insight you need to drive your security program forward, faster. This year, we're also hoping you can provide us with the insight we need to make our products and services even better. That's why we're running two UX focus groups on November 1, 2016. We'd love to see you there—after all, your feedback is what keeps our solutions ever-evolving.

UX Focus Group: Help us make Nexpose Now even better

Stale results. False alerts. Windows of wait. We heard your issues with traditional scanning and released Nexpose Now to help you resolve them. Now that you've been using it for several months, we'd love to know: how's it going? Actually, we have way more questions than that, but they're all in the service of making sure Nexpose Now is meeting – or exceeding – your needs. And the only person who can tell us that is you! So please join us for this 1.5-hour focus group, where you – along with other Nexpose Now users – can share your list of loves and loathes. It's the perfect opportunity to speak with Rapid7, as well as your peers, about your Nexpose Now experience, so we can help make it even more exceptional.

UX Focus Group: Creating personalized and exceptional experiences

Here at Rapid7, we think we've done some pretty great stuff, but we also know we can do some things even better. Though, frankly, what we think doesn't really matter—as a Rapid7 customer, the only opinion we care about is yours. And we want it! Why? Well, as our favorite customer experience author John A. Goodman put it, “We can solve only the problems we know about.” So join this 1.5-hour focus group and let us know: from the first time you heard about our solutions to the last time you used them, what's worked well and what could work better? Your participation will really help us to understand the experience from your perspective, and how we can further personalize and improve that experience moving forward.

Want in?

Saving a seat in our focus groups is easy. If you haven't yet registered for UNITED, you can register for a UX session while registering for the conference.

If you have already registered for UNITED, just head back to the conference registration page, enter the email address you used to register – along with your confirmation number – and tack on the session that makes sense for you.

Space is limited, so act soon! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Ger Joyce
Senior UX Researcher, Rapid7