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The October Walkthrough Webinar was broadcasted & recorded on October 27th 2016. This broadcast included a Logentries demonstration and live Q&A.

Below is a sample of some of the questions asked by the audience following the demonstration. To try out the features mentioned below sign up for a Logentries free trial.

  1. “Can I control which logs certain users can see?”
    Yes! Logentries supports the creation of multiple teams. Logentries User Access Controls allow you to configure access control levels (ACLs) that restrict a team to only viewing the authorized logs. Additional restrictions can be placed on a team, such as prohibiting team members from inviting or deleting users, creating or modifying teams, and restricting the ability to remove logs and log sets. To learn more about ACLs see the video below:
  2. “I use other Rapid7 products. Namely Nexpose and Metasploit. Can I integrate Logentries with these products?”
    You sure can. Your Metasploit Pro console, Nexpose scan console, and Nexpose scan engines produce a wealth of extremely useful log data. A previous blog post discusses Securing your Metasploit Logs as well as reviewing and alerting on that data. We also previously covered Troubleshooting with Nexpose Logs with a blog and the video below:
  3. “Can I used Hosted Graphite to visualize my Logentries data?”
    The free and open source tool LeExportPy regularly calls the Logentries REST Query API to capture the desired data and forward it along to your desired 3rd party. LeExportPy has out of the box support for Hosted Graphite, Geckoboard, and Kafka. Extending functionality with additional services is easy and well documented.  For an introduction to LeExportPy and Hosted Graphite see the video below:
  4. “Can I view my logs in my terminal?”
    You can do that, and more! The Logentries Command Line Interface (LE CLI) is also open source and allows you to perform any function available from our REST API in your terminal. This includes the ability to manage users, teams, tags, alerts, and query log data all from the command line. To learn how to query your log data with LE CLI see the video below:
  5. “What devices, servers, and applications can I capture log data from with Logentries?”
    Logentries can capture log data from a huge variety of sources such as Linux, Windows, Syslog, Amazon Web Services, Docker, Java applications, .NET applications, and much much more.
    The video below discusses a subset of the sources Logentries can capture log data from and demonstrates installing the Linux agent.sending-data-cover-image

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