Last updated at Thu, 08 Apr 2021 16:09:29 GMT

Security Nation is about the people who make up our community, and Bo Weaver has been a strong part of that community since his days in the Navy and hacking computers back in the 1970s. Bo is a pen tester, and has been for a long time, whether working in his own consultancy or for other companies. His knowledge and history in the industry is unique and serves us all well to listen to and interact with as we continue to evolve our strategies. This conversation ran the gamut and included:

  • Why Bo can't stand a computer smarter than he is, and why it never lasts for long.
  • The fine line pen testers straddle between being devious and remaining morally conscious.
  • How the way a team reacts to the findings of a pen test tells him how (or if) they will implement protections against his findings.Compliance as a forcing function.
  • Why it's critical we all give back to this community and protect each other's rights to continue doing this type of work.

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