Last updated at Mon, 25 Sep 2017 19:23:12 GMT

'Tis the holiday season and the Nexpose team is in the giving spirit! At the Rapid7 workshop, we've been busy little helpers building toys for deserving security teams throughout the year. Here are just some of the goodies you can take advantage of NOW:

Before 2016 is over, we want to give all the hardworking security teams one final treat. What does virtually every team need and wish they had more of? Time, of course.

Teams using Adaptive Security in Nexpose have already been saving time by automating key workflows (like Rapid7's own security team). Earlier this year we added integration with Rapid7 Labs' Project Sonar and a new Rapid7 Critical vulnerability category. This week we released even more improvements to Adaptive Security, including the ability to trigger Automated Actions during scans and a new Automated Actions Activity Monitor, to help security teams save even more time.

Scanning as a Trigger

There are 3 ways to trigger Automated Actions; when a known asset comes online, a new asset is discovered, or there is new vulnerability coverage. These can be triggered via Discovery Connections (e.g. DHCP, vSphere, Sonar, etc.) and now, during any active scan (discovery, vulnerability or policy).

There are many ways you can use this new capability. Here's one way: Performing quick assessments in between full vulnerability scans. For example, you can run a discovery (nmap) scan to trigger an Automated Action to assess only the assets that haven't been scanned before.

Automated Actions Activity Monitor

Adaptive Security is the gift that keeps on giving – working to keep your network secure even when you're not there. The new Activity Monitor shows you which Automated Actions were triggered and when, so you (and your manager) can see exactly how much work was done. This capability also makes it simple for you to disable/enable Actions and spot any issues that need troubleshooting.

You can now create, edit and monitor Automated Actions via this icon in the left navigation:

If you haven't tried Adaptive Security yet, there's no time like the present!