Last updated at Thu, 11 Jan 2018 15:24:41 GMT

We recently hosted our first ever live demo webinar, and wanted to share a bit of what was discussed and presented.

Komand was founded as a catalyst to a problem in security operations. Founder and CEO Jen Andre, who comes from an extensive background in cybersecurity, saw how overwhelmed security teams were. Her experience helped her to identify targeted solutions to these common and unique problems in the field:

  • Too many alerts, not enough time
  • Manual, time-intensive process
  • Unintegrated systems and tools
  • Complex number of increasing security threats

Security orchestration and automation is a logical solution to becoming efficient, especially when so many manual tasks are done repeatedly. Orchestration, in turn helps streamline these tasks and tools, and paves the way for machine-to-machine automation across processes.

The end result? Komand, a security orchestration and automation solution.

Jen was joined by Jon Schipp, Komand’s security architect, to demonstrate the product and how Komand addresses these challenges to achieve better results:

  • Accelerated security processes
  • Force multiplier for accuracy
  • Notable time savings
  • Plus many more

We don’t want to give too much away. If you did not get a chance to catch the demo, you’re in luck! You can view the recording here.