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Here at Komand, we get revved up about the technology we use. As we use tech from our stack, we learn more in-depth knowledge but sometimes run into challenges. Some of these challenges our developers have faced aren’t always clear cut, or there hasn’t always been an answer easily available online. So we set aside time to share what we’ve learned in these scenarios.

Here are the top tips, tricks, and tutorials on what we’ve learned along the way.

1. Microservices - Please, Don’t

Are microservices good or bad? In this popular post, Sean Kelly reviews the “5 truths” that are NOT always true when using microservices. With his lessons, you’ll gain a better understanding of what they are, what they can do, and considerations for using them in your environment. Read This Blog >

2. Early Warning Detectors Using AWS Access Keys as Honeytokens

Deception lures are all of the rage these days, and when deployed properly, provide extremely low overhead to maintain with little to no false alarms. Check out this clever tutorial on using AWS IAM credentials as honeytokens. Read This Blog >

3. Building a Simple CLI Tool with Golang

Go offers a simple way to build command-line tools using only standard libraries. So our very own James Golin put together a step-by-step example to help walk you through the process. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up an initial file, what the difference between arguments, options and flags are, updating flags and more. Read This Blog >

4. Building SVG Maps with React

In the Komand product, we utilize an SVG approach to render our workflows more dynamically. This is a highly recommended article for those who want to utilize SVGs in a similar manner. You’ll get an update on some basic graphic concepts, and an in depth explanation of the math involved. Read This Blog >

5. Quick Security Wins in Golang

It isn’t a shock, security is hard. In this article, software engineer Ross Nanopoulos walks through some basic security practices you can use to get your Golang web application up and running securely. Authenticating your users is just one of many quick security wins. Check out this post for more. Read This Blog >

Onward to 2017

These blog posts were created by members of our talented team, and they continue to provide guidance to those throughout the software engineering community. We hope these posts have helped you, and are excited to continue to provide development resources in the future.