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Merry HaXmas to you! Each year we mark the 12 Days of HaXmas with 12 blog posts on hacking-related topics and roundups from the year. This year, we're highlighting some of the “gifts” we want to give back to the community. And while these gifts may not come wrapped with a bow, we hope you enjoy them.

In early 2014, we formally launched a program called Rapid7 Voice. It's an advocacy program that enables our outstanding customers to build their personal brand while guiding Rapid7 innovation. The Voice program gives you the opportunity to become involved with Rapid7 at whatever commitment level is right for you. This program is a unique opportunity for Rapid7 customers to help influence product development and become more involved with the tools they are using. Participants also get the chance to network with peers, speak at industry events, and engage with other customers in mentorship roles.

To supplement the Voice program, we have VoiceUp, an online customer advocacy engagement hub which gives customers the opportunity to be the first to learn about Rapid7's product roadmap and the power to influence innovation in development. Members also get first access to news, content, and engagement opportunities. In the hub, customers can earn points for all their completed engagement “activities,” big or small, to redeem great rewards.

With both Voice and VoiceUp, the focus is not only to actively involve customers in the development of our products and services through their feedback and insights, but also to help them build a personal brand. Advocates are invited to participate in a variety of engagement opportunities to gain more experience and exposure within the industry.

Here are some examples:

There are countless ways to engage with us here at Rapid7, and we want every customer to have a great experience. Take it from these advocates:

“[VoiceUp allows me] to interact with Rapid7 in a way that not many other companies have [including] reading what others have written, additional awareness of security news articles on Rapid7, and learning about current events. Rapid7 seems to have a vested interest in using the information provided to benefit the users of VoiceUp. “

- Brian Haessly, IT Security Engineer

>“You can't complain about a product that allows you to have an input into it. It is nice to have a company as large as Rapid7 wanting to hear what the end user wants to say and not just building it the way the company wants with the "that's the way it is" attitude.”

- Eric Pirolli, IT Security Analyst at The University of Toledo

>“I've joined Rapid7 VoiceUp hub so I may have an opportunity to be involved in something bigger than myself. I feel I am part of an evolving industry that is meant to help and protect. I have had an opportunity to speak with the product team, been part of a webcast, and engaged with other security professionals. But my biggest reason to stay an active member of VoiceUp is to help others.”

- Jack Voth, Sr. Director of Information Technology at Algenol Biotech

If you want to join these Rapid7 Advocates and get involved, visit to read more about the program and sign up today.