Last updated at Mon, 04 Dec 2017 20:46:06 GMT

Is a security operations center right for your organization? It depends. We’ve talked about this hot topic in the past, and found that many have an interest in when and how to setup a SOC.

Managing a company’s security functions without a SOC is feasible, but this is usually contingent upon the size of the company, the information you’re protecting, and the people, process, and technology in your organization. (And even if you don’t yet have a SOC, you should still have some security functions in place, whether it’s from an MSSP or done by your IT operations branch.)

Making the decision to form a SOC can be a beneficial choice as your company begins to grow, but when do you know it’s time to do it?

We’ve pulled together materials from previous blog posts and expertise from security pros to help. The slideshare below will help you determine when it’s time to setup a security operations center, and how to structure it when you’re ready to begin hiring people, implementing processes, and choosing the technology that's right for your org.