Last updated at Thu, 08 Apr 2021 16:04:03 GMT

Pen testing is no longer a new phenomenon, and neither is security assessments, but they live in a world that changes every day and within industries that have unique needs and demands. Chris Littlebury knows this all too well having led, teamed, or executed more than 200 unique security assessment engagements. Sitting down for episode 22 of Security Nation, Chris provided a glimpse into what makes a pen test a success (hint, it has nothing to do with your tools or tricks), why Summer2016 was a really easy password back in ... well, the summer of 2016, and the impact of IoT. Listen in and hear host Kyle Flaherty and Chris hit on:

  • Why creativity trumps certifications every time.
  • How local security MeetUps are probably more useful than the big cons.
  • The growth in UBA/IDR solutions being used to trip up pen testers during engagements.
  • And how they are both planning a trip to Austin for, of course, tacos.

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