Last updated at Thu, 08 Apr 2021 16:03:49 GMT

In episode 24 of Security Nation, we talk all things IoT—not just security, but the surprising industries of growth in the market, how large companies are literally restructuring themselves to win the IoT platform wars, and how breaches like CloudPet's this week serve as a red flag for both consumers and manufacturers. Join host Kyle Flaherty as he welcomes Charlotte O'Donnelly, a research associate at Blue Hill Research, to dive into her deep knowledge of the IoT market including:

  • The $400B IoT platform wars happening today between behemoths like IBM and SAS
  • Barriers to growth for IoT, including, not surprisingly, security!
  • The effect on growth that IoT hacks/breaches have, and how they might actually help us get to better security
  • The M&A activity that is spurring on innovation within IoT
  • The 'creepiness' factor of IoT, especially when it comes to retail use cases

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