Last updated at Wed, 29 Nov 2017 20:47:56 GMT

It all started with a tweet….

Orchestration companies. Can we get a @blockadeio flow into your tools, I can help dev! @TryPhantom @demistoinc @swimlane @resilientsys

— Brandon Dixon (@9bplus) March 7, 2017

The poster, Brandon Dixon, made a simple request to security orchestration platforms: get a integration and workflow built.

In just a little over an hour, Komand was tagged by one of our awesome advocates and we responded immediately after. (You’re the best, Scott!)

@9bplus You should talk with @komandsecurity as well. I’ll write it myself if I have to.

— Scott J Roberts (@sroberts) March 7, 2017

@sroberts @9bplus Yes, let's make this happen!

— Komand (@komandsecurity) March 7, 2017

With malicious content all over the web, Blockade was built as a Chrome extension to prevent pernicious websites from being viewed or loaded within your browser. With the Blockade extension activated, you’ll get redirected to a warning page any time you stumble upon a website with malicious content.

Neat and useful concept, right? We thought so, too. We also know Brandon of PassiveTotal fame, and were excited to see a new project from him (P.S. We have a PassiveTotal plugin, as well!). Getting the integration built between Blockade and Komand seemed like a natural fit.

Our security architect, Jon Schipp, took a quick look and within minutes, he reached out to Brandon.

@sroberts @9bplus @komandsecurity Yes, let’s get this written. I’ll contact you @9bplus.

— Jon Schipp (@JonSchipp) March 7, 2017

In turn, Brandon responded with glee.

@JonSchipp @sroberts @komandsecurity Reason #43894839 to love the Internet and the security community. Sent over documentation and the outlined idea!

— Brandon Dixon (@9bplus) March 7, 2017

Now, this story could go one of two ways:

  1. The integration gets built, an automated security process created, and everyone rejoices! 😁
  2. The integration either doesn’t get built or takes extensive time to build, and there isn’t really a resolution. 😞

Luckily, the former was true for us, but not entirely by luck alone.

With Komand’s security orchestration and automation platform, it’s ridiculously easy to connect your tools and build custom automation. But in this particular case, the integration didn’t exist yet.

No worries! With our plugin SDK, we empower folks to create their own custom integrations as quick and easily as possible. And once the plugin is created, you can simply drag and drop the file into Komand, confirm a few settings, and voila! Your integration is now in our platform.

Jon immediately got in touch with Brandon for documentation, and not even a full 24 hours later, had the integration built AND an automated workflow ready to go in Komand.

@sroberts @9bplus @komandsecurity Hey guys, I just merged in the Blockade plugin!

— Jon Schipp (@JonSchipp) March 7, 2017

And the crowd rejoiced!

@JonSchipp @sroberts @9bplus @komandsecurity Jon uses his #bigstrongarms to carry our plugins over the finish line in record time!

— Sean Kelly (@StabbyCutyou) March 8, 2017

@JonSchipp @9bplus @komandsecurity Well now I know what I’m playing with in the morning! Very cool stuff!

— Scott J Roberts (@sroberts) March 8, 2017

Brandon Dixon was also excited.

@StabbyCutyou @JonSchipp @sroberts @komandsecurity winner! Thanks for working with the subpar docs. Excited to craft a use case now!

— Brandon Dixon (@9bplus) March 8, 2017

And we were named the winner.


Thanks to Brandon, Scott, and Jon for your swift action! We’re excited to see the use cases that arise from this integration.