Last updated at Tue, 18 Jul 2017 16:29:04 GMT

Since its inception, Rapid7's Project Sonar has aimed to share the data and knowledge we've gained from our Internet scanning and collection activities with the larger information security community.  Over the years this has resulted in vulnerability disclosures, research papers, conference presentations, community collaboration and data.  Lots and lots of data.

Thanks to our friends at, Censys, and the University of Michigan, we've been able to provide the general public free access to much of our data, including:

As project Sonar continues, we will continue to publish our data through the outlets listed above, perhaps in addition to others.

Are you interested in Project Sonar?  Are you using this data?  If so, how?  Interested in seeing additional studies performed?  Have questions about the existing studies or how to use or interpret the data?  We love hearing from the community!  Post a comment below or reach out to us at research [at] rapid7 [dot] com.