Last updated at Wed, 29 Mar 2023 22:44:00 GMT

Today we are announcing the general availability of a brand new solution: Rapid7 InsightOps. This latest addition to the Insight platform continues our mission to transform data into answers, giving you the confidence and control to act quickly. InsightOps is Rapid7's first IT-specific solution, enabling users to centralize data from infrastructure, assets and applications, so they can monitor and troubleshoot operational issues.

Getting in with the IT crowd

Every day, IT and security teams work hand-in-hand towards keeping their organizations secure, optimized and operational. Yet today's IT environment is more complex than ever. Infrastructure is hosted across physical servers, virtual machines, Docker containers and cloud services. The corporate network is accessed by internal and remote employees, from a mix of known and unknown devices that are all using applications, both internally hosted and cloud-based.

This complexity creates enormous amounts of data, dispersed across the modern IT environment. Managing this data is critical, but for most resource constrained IT and security teams, it's simply too complex or too expensive to monitor it all. And unmonitored IT data creates risk.

That's where Rapid7 comes in. Today, our customers leverage the Rapid7 Insight platform to collect data from across their entire IT environment for identifying security vulnerabilities with Rapid7 InsightVM and catching attackers in the act with Rapid7 InsightIDR. InsightOps builds on this, enabling them to manage and optimize IT operations across their technology landscape.

Introducing Rapid7 InsightOps

We built InsightOps to be easy to set up and scale. It requires no infrastructure to run, no configuration of indexers to search, and you can collect data in any format from anywhere in your environment. With your data centralized in one place, it's easier to then monitor for known issues or anomalous trends. Monitoring with InsightOps helps you proactively address issues before they become widespread.

Ultimately, InsightOps was built for turning IT data into answers. With features like Visual Search and Endpoint Interrogator, it's easier to get answers from your data without ever even having to type a search query.

And log data is just the beginning. Sometimes you need answers directly from your IT assets, like what software is running on an employee workstation or which servers are over 75% disk utilization. InsightOps combines log management with IT asset visibility and interrogation, enabling you to trace issues all the way from discovery to resolution.

Ready to transform your unmonitored IT data into answers? Start your free 30-day trial of InsightOps today.