Last updated at Mon, 14 Aug 2017 19:32:52 GMT

Is your security team working on the right things to make your organization safer today? How can you prove it with data?

Knowing Versus Doing

Knowing your threat exposure is only half the picture. The other half is knowing which actions to take with your vulnerability management solution to secure your organization against a shifting landscape of threats while also demonstrating—with data—that these actions were the right thing to do and had the right impact for your organization.

Making progress is difficult enough, but even when you've moved the bar, you have to show your stakeholders in ways they can understand. It's not easy, but we think it can be simpler.

Bringing Agility to Remediation Efforts

InsightVM's new Remediation Liveboard helps you easily, readily, and confidently answer the following questions:

  • What's new in my world and how effective are my teams at remediating vulnerabilities?
  • What remediation work was recently completed and how much is left?
  • Which projects require my attention because they are past due or about to expire?
  • Who are my top remediators? Who are my remediators requiring assistance?

The Remediations Liveboard provides visibility into what has been remediated, who your most effective remediators are, and who needs your assistance and guidance the most. You can take quick temperature reads on overall status and progress of remediation efforts across your organization, and you can also easily drill down to inspect details. This new dashboard helps you get a better handle on remediation burndown and makes sure you're ready to field questions on remediation status at any point in the process.

The Remediations Liveboard also brings greater agility to remediation efforts. You'll know when to adapt and shift gears in order to reallocate resources in response to changes in your environments.  You'll also have access to the data needed to confidently answer bigger-picture security program questions and analyze what works and what does not work for your teams.

How well are we responding to new vulnerabilities found in our organization?

The New vs. Remediated Vulnerabilities card illustrates how your teams are fixing what has been found:

“My team has been swamped.

We are focusing this month only on vulnerabilities we know to be exploitable.”

Get a high level view of Remediation Projects' status overall:

“No imminent deadlines...time to tackle these overdue projects and get some project completions showing up before my next review.”

Deadlines are important for gauging risk, but they don't tell you whether a project is really at risk since the amount of effort and complexity required to mitigate a vulnerability varies, as does the availability of needed resources (e.g., people and skill level). You need to know the amount of remaining work in a project to see remediation burndown.

You might want to know which projects are closest to completion based on amount of work; or maybe, if taking down the most risk is your goal, you want to view by total remediations outstanding.

Success is all about people. There are two cards that inform you of who in your organization is the most effective at remediation...

...and who needs more support from you and your team.

Getting Started

The Remediations Liveboard is available today as part of InsightVM. Simply click on the “Create a New Dashboard” drop down list and select “Remediations Dashboard” to get started. Not an InsightVM customer? Download a free trial of InsightVM today!