Last updated at Thu, 08 Apr 2021 16:03:37 GMT

When you founded a security company nearly 20 years ago and have been in the industry for even longer, you have a LOT of stories. On this episode of Security Nation Kyle sits down with Tas Giakouminakis, a founder of Rapid7, at the NASDAQ MarketSite studio in New York City to discuss some of those stories. The conversation ranges from starting a company focused on vulnerability assessment way back in 1998 to how we deal with things now, 20 years later. Throughout the conversation the two hit on:

  • What has changed in 20 years is easy ... what hasn't is alarming.
  • How research is the lifeblood of any security solution or platform.
  • The importance of community within security, especially with Metasploit.
  • What it is like to create a company that has grown and thrived through the growth of security.
  • How to use the research available to anyone to take actions and minimize risks.

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