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Are you an IT or security professional who secretly dreams of speaking to a group of passionate people facing the same challenges and celebrating the same victories as you? Dream no more: For the next three weeks, we're accepting submissions for presentations at UNITED 2017 (September 13-14 in Boston). This is a golden opportunity to submit a talk on something you're excited about—or struggling with, or interested in exploring with other security practitioners and Rapid7 customers.


UNITED is Rapid7's annual summit for IT and security professionals. We pack dozens of targeted talks, hands-on trainings, and roundtable discussions into just two days to give you the insight necessary to move your security program forward. This is an unparalleled chance to learn from and brainstorm with peers and security leaders: UNITED is collaborative, intimate, and low-stress. No industry-wide cattle calls here—this is about exchanging ideas and building networks, not packing 10,000 bodies into a room full of competing branding.

What should I talk about?

We're glad you asked. UNITED presentations can be about anything related to your use of Rapid7's products, your practical IT and security knowledge, and your successes (or challenges!) in this space. Maybe you've got an important story to share about building and scaling your organization's security program, or the operational challenges of a highly regulated business environment, or an awesome customization you built in InsightVM that might help other Rapid7 customers. Don't be afraid to dig deep into details and share screenshots or step-by-step guides.

We look for lessons learned, compelling use cases, and cool technical talks. The bottom line is this: If you have actionable knowledge to share, UNITED attendees want to hear about it, regardless of your organization's size or the maturity of your company's security program. Cybersecurity is an incredibly fast-paced, complex field, and UNITED is a chance to learn from each other's wins and losses.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at this year's conference tracks:

  • Monitor, Ask & Respond: approaches and technologies for monitoring operational performance, detecting suspicious activity, and responding to critical events.
  • Assess & Remediate: strategies and techniques to measure and manage your network and application security risk, from identifying vulns to prioritizing remediation and implementing changes
  • Offensive Security: technical tips and tricks on taking a proactive approach to protecting your network, systems, and teams from attackers
  • Research & Collaborate: insight into Rapid7's research projects, ways to apply them in your own enterprise, and discussion about the open communities that make our security intelligence world-class.

How to submit a presentation

Three easy steps: Fill out this form. Click “Submit.” Give yourself a high five.

UNITED track chairs will evaluate submissions and get back to you by early July. The deadline to submit a presentation is June 26, 2017. Don't wait!

Never spoken at a conference before? No worries. Our entire team works together to help speakers polish their presentations. You'll have access to:

  • Dedicated track chairs to help provide oversight and guidance on your topic
  • Complimentary 1:1 preparation sessions with our speaking coach, who's trained hundreds of speakers, from previous UNITED presenters to TED speakers
  • Help punching up visuals and tips on making your slides pop from Rapid7's rock star Creative Services team

If your presentation is selected, we'll cover your conference pass and two nights' hotel stay. We're also known to offer some pretty sweet speaker swag—but you'll have to wait to find out what it is this year!

Questions? Reach out to us here. Want to see what conference attendees have spoken about in the past? You can explore last year's UNITED agenda here.

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Don't miss out on a shot to share what you know with peers who can use that knowledge. Submit your presentation by June 26, 2017 and join an elite group of dedicated IT and security pros at UNITED. We can't wait to see you there!