Last updated at Fri, 29 Jun 2018 14:04:07 GMT

Today, Rapid7 announced the acquisition of Komand, an orchestration and automation solution for both security and IT teams. You can read the formal announcement here, but I wanted to share a little bit about why I'm so excited about this acquisition. Komand has been bold. They've been unafraid to challenge industry standards. And the issues they set out to solve are big and cumbersome and hard.

In the two years since they launched, Komand has built a great product and vision around the goal of empowering lean security and IT teams to operate more effectively. There is still more to be done in this area, and Rapid7 will continue to build on the strong foundation Komand has created. Together, we will be able to accelerate the realization of our shared goal: building security and IT solutions that work for everyone and are easy to use—regardless of the size of your team or environment.

This type of alignment doesn't happen when forced; it has to be organic. This is good for Komand and Rapid7, but it's even better for our customers and community.

Komand built a security orchestration and automation solution designed for teams to connect their disparate systems and automate the often tedious and challenging tasks holding them back. This enables IT and security teams to build both attended and unattended workflows, reducing the strain on people resources and resulting in more productive teams. The benefits go beyond productivity: security and IT professionals see better results through reduced time-to-contain, more reliable patching, and enriched alert information to name a few.  Komand didn't just build another solution for teams to slap on top of already-complex and dynamic environments.

In the words of Komand's CEO, Jen Andre, they: “knew it was critical to build a solution that would focus on ease of use. One that didn't require a team of developers to operate. One for every security or IT practitioner, whether they were technical or not. One made for the community.”

Rapid7 and Komand share a view that orchestration and automation are the key to effectively putting security and IT teams on level footing with their adversaries—whether it takes the form of downtime, limited resources, attackers, or general ecosystem complexity. I'm excited we'll be working together to address this critical need.

Welcome to the team, Komand!