Last updated at Wed, 29 Nov 2017 16:53:05 GMT

When Komand was founded, we had a simple vision: make cybersecurity better for everyone, together as a community. It’s a grand statement, but in order to achieve big, you have to dream big. And so we dreamt big with Komand.

To help security teams get ahead, we built a security orchestration and automation platform so teams can connect their disparate systems and automate the often tedious tasks holding them back. But we didn’t just want to build another tool or platform. That’s not what stressed security teams need. It was important to us early on that this new solution would focus on ease of use. One that didn’t require a team of developers to operate. One for every security practitioner, whether they were technical or not. One made for the community.

While we have achieved so much in so little time — and we are incredibly proud of all our wins to date — we still want to go so much further. And now, we won’t have to do it alone... which is why I’m happy to share exciting news with you today.

Security and IT innovator Rapid7 has acquired Komand to help support and accelerate the growth of our vision, our solution, and our community.

As an early stage startup, we are always looking at the best options for company and product growth. When we began conversations with Rapid7, we were certainly ready and looking to take the next step in our development. Rapid7 is a natural fit due to our aligned visions on the future of cybersecurity solutions, and particularly, the belief that security orchestration and automation is integral to helping teams respond to incidents faster, ultimately reducing their exposure to potential compromises. Both companies are dedicated to solving this problem for customers. With a partnership born out of the same mission, we’re able to stand together, tackling today’s biggest challenges effectively as a single team.

I’ve talked before about how orchestration and automation will be the great uniter; not just for security teams, but for the security community and their IT counterparts. Rapid7 sees Komand as an important piece in this puzzle, especially in the face of ecosystem complexity, limited resources, and a volume of security events that people alone can’t possibly mitigate.

As a team, we’re also excited to work with some of the brightest in the cybersecurity product space and thrilled to continue building effective solutions alongside one another. Rapid7 has successfully integrated brands in the past (Metasploit, Logentries, NT Objectives), so we are confident in their ability to help us take Komand to the next level, and beyond.

Finally, we believe that community is at the heart of this all. We plan to continue cultivating a community to help accelerate solutions for us all, furthering our vision of making cybersecurity better for everyone. We appreciate that Rapid7 has a strong commitment to supporting the security community, as demonstrated by their continued investment in research, policy, and open source technologies.

I cannot thank everyone enough for their support. As a unified team, we look forward to helping security and IT teams alike get ahead with orchestration and automation.

Read the full announcement here.