Last updated at Mon, 21 Aug 2017 18:59:26 GMT

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our brand new log search functionality. This contains a number of new features and a lot of improvements to the user experience.

Among some of the new features is a brand new query builder, the ability to change which logs should be in a log set, and an improved page layout for easily navigating the results of your calculations. Read more to see all the great improvements!

New query builder

The simple mode has been redesigned to make it easier to build your queries. All the analytics and display functions are instantly available with a simple point-and-click interface.

When you close the window, a blue dot will appear to indicate that a search function has been applied.

Prefer typing? The advanced mode is still available.

Visual Search

Changed your log selection? Deleted or changed some charts? Click the “reset cards” button to re-generate the default charts that appear; these are based on the top 2 most commonly occurring keys in your logs. Read more about our powerful Visual Search feature.

Log selector

Edit logset to better organize your logs

You can edit a log set directly from a log selector, and you can now select which logs should be included. You can choose to store logs in more than one log set, giving you more flexibility on how you want to organize your log data.

Favorite log sets

Log shortcuts have been replaced by “Favorite” log sets. These favorite log sets will appear at the top of the log selector. You can easily create a new log set to contain the logs that you access most frequently, or you can mark existing log sets as a favorite. These are per user, so each user in your account can choose which log sets should appear at the top of their log selector.

UX improvements

When you change your log selection, the “Apply selection” button no longer pushes down the content. You can now edit the settings for a log without navigating from the log view.

Edit log

You can edit your log settings without navigating away from the entries: simply click the settings icon to reveal the settings panel.

Improved navigation

When you run a calculation, the results table provides convenient links to help you easily navigate your log data to find the information that is important to you.

When you run a time based query, then you can quickly zoom into a specific time range to run the same calculation, or run a search for that time range.

When you run a query that groups your data, you can either view that key's value on a timeline, or jump straight into a search for that key.

You no longer have to close the graph to see the matching entries that matched your calculation query—they're available underneath the results table.


The new version of table view no longer reloads the page, but converts the entries that are already visible in the log view into a table. Just like with the entries view, you can filter your log data by clicking on the labels at the top of the card.

You can also export the contents of the table to CSV format.

You can now resize and reorder the columns by clicking and dragging the column header.

Quicker loading

As part of this rewrite, the browser memory and CPU usage has been reduced, with more performance improvements on the way.

What else?

We have lots more new features and enhancements on the way; please tell us what you would like to see added.