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The countdown is on to Rapid7's annual UNITED Summit in Boston on September 13-14. Rapid7 has partnered with top universities all over the globe to provide students with industry-leading security solutions as part of their coursework, equipping them with hands-on knowledge as they head into the workforce. This year, for the first time, Rapid7 is expanding its Higher Education Program and providing scholarships to allow select graduate students in cybersecurity Master's and PhD programs to attend UNITED. Read on for what students stand to gain from joining us at UNITED (or just skip down to the bottom and apply now!).

Top Reasons for Students to Attend UNITED

We can think of a lot more reasons to attend UNITED's inaugural year of student programming, but for the sake of time, we've narrowed this list down to the top three:

  1. UNITED is a great place to network with other students, cybersecurity practitioners, and thought leaders. We'll have pen testers, incident responders, and other practitioners eager to share their knowledge (not to mention Metasploit developers!). Whether you're looking for a job or just aiming to hone your skills, networking and learning opportunities abound at UNITED. Local to Boston? We're always looking for great talent.
  2. Rapid7 is fueled by research. Whether it's through our Heisenberg project, threat intelligence, Project Sonar, or one of the many other research and open source projects we support, we're constantly thinking about how we can inform and advance the community. At UNITED, you'll be able to attend workshops that explore the data and philosophies behind these projects. Brainstorm with our researchers or have a deep-dive discussion with our data scientists—there will be plenty of time to seek out people who are leading their fields in security research and beyond.
  3. Want to meet and learn from the Metasploit team? UNITED is your perfect chance: In addition to talking shop with the people who make the world's de facto framework for penetration testing, Metasploit is hosting an exclusive CTF (Capture the Flag) competition at UNITED. Learn how to hack with the best, and win prizes doing it.

I want to attend! How do I get in on this?

For more information and to confirm eligibility, contact us here with your name, school, the degree program in which you're enrolled, and what you're hoping to gain from attending.

Want to learn more about our Higher Education Program?

We are committed to solving the information security talent gap and training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Learn more here.

Not a student but still want to attend UNITED? See the full agenda and register here!