Last updated at Mon, 21 Aug 2017 18:55:06 GMT

Yesterday I resigned from my position as a member of the Department of Commerce’s Digital Economy Board of Advisors.

It has been an honor to serve on the Board; however, I believe it is the responsibility of leaders to unequivocally denounce bigotry, racism, hate, and violence, and to respect diversity and uphold the values of an inclusive America.

I am incredibly thankful to both my colleagues on the Board, as well as the team in the Department of Commerce, and have greatly valued the insights and engagement they have shared. Rapid7 - and myself in particular - will continue to work proactively with various parts of the U.S. Government to support and create better cybersecurity and digital economy outcomes. We applaud the continued efforts of the vast majority of civil servants who work tirelessly on behalf of the American people.

Finally, I believe that the US has been, and continues to be, a story of progress as we pursue the goals of a just and fair society with a thriving economy for all Americans. And while our economy faces challenges impacting many, we must move forward and not backward. I firmly believe that we can create an economy that lifts up all Americans and provides our children with better opportunities than we have today.

Corey Thomas
CEO, Rapid7