Last updated at Tue, 09 Jan 2018 15:00:00 GMT

2017 has already broken the record for the most number of vulnerabilities reported. With more software being produced and more researchers focused on finding vulnerabilities, this trend will probably continue. Understanding where to focus and which vulnerabilities to fix first is more important than ever. That’s why this year we delivered several innovations within our vulnerability management solution to help security teams change the way they prioritize with real-time, relevant, and actionable data.

Dynamic risk visualizations

Say goodbye to static reports that become out-of-date as soon as they’re created. In April, we launched InsightVM with live and interactive dashboards, giving security teams real-time views into their organization’s risks. Unlike most dashboards, our Liveboards update instantly with new information to make it easy to drill in for more details and customize views for each user. And throughout the year we’ve added more dashboard cards like New vs. Remediated Vulnerabilities, Most Common Remediation Solutions, and Container Image Assessment.

Attacker-aware prioritization

Leave behind generic vulnerability rating systems that don’t work at scale and don’t take into account the threat landscape. In June, we introduced the Rapid7 Threat Feed for vulnerabilities actively exploited by attackers in the wild, which incorporates both public and proprietary data sources, and best of all, come included in InsightVM at no additional cost. We integrated this feed directly into our Liveboards to provide actionable information on where to focus to reduce the likelihood of an attack and additional context on potential threat vectors and actors.

Ready-to-go threat analytics

Stop scrambling to find out whether you’re exposed to the latest celebrity vulnerability. This year, we created dashboard templates for high profile threats like WannaCry and Samba to help you understand their impact on your organization and track remediation progress with one click. We also updated our Splunk app to allow you to see all security data in a single pane of glass. To speed up your response even further, try using Adaptive Security to automatically scan for high profile threats and Dynamic Projects to automatically assign solutions for remediation.

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