Last updated at Thu, 03 Oct 2019 15:22:08 GMT

Starting March 1, 2019, Rapid7 will no longer offer or support InsightPhishing, and the beta program will end. Click here for more information.

Phishing attacks remain one of the top challenges for SecOps teams. Yes, we all nod when we see the stats that get thrown around, like the ones below. But we also know this because we’ve heard it directly from our customers. Rapid7 has a long tradition of creating products and functionality inspired by our customers, and when we see a pain you are experiencing, we strive to make your life easier.

This is the origin story of our latest solution, Rapid7 InsightPhishing, now available in beta for everyone. This phishing solution, developed by the team behind Metasploit, is powered by Rapid7’s Insight platform, and is designed to make phishing a manageable risk for every SecOps team.

Like everything in security, there’s no silver bullet to protect against phishing. If there were, 74% of organizations surveyed by SANS would not name ‘clicking a link or opening an attachment in an email’ as the top means by which threats enter their organizations. Today, security teams spend huge swaths of time working to reduce the risk posed by phishing attacks but struggle to make and demonstrate meaningful, sustained progress.

Security professionals need a multifaceted approach that can combat this tricky problem. They need a solution that is easy to implement, easy to scale, and that enables clear reporting on their progress. InsightPhishing accomplishes this in several ways.

We developed InsightPhishing to drive phishing awareness among employees and improve the efficiency of security analysts. Easy-to-execute phishing simulations, with customizable pre-made templates, enable security teams to train employees to effectively identify phishing emails. When suspicious emails are identified, one-click reporting directly in the email client works to instill positive behaviors organization-wide and decrease susceptibility to phishing attacks. Robust phishing analysis and streamlined investigations empower analysts to quickly review suspicious messages and stop attackers in their tracks—all while allowing security teams to track how organizational resilience to phishing is improving over time.

Time For You to Get Phishing

InsightPhishing allows organizations of all sizes to safely simulate sophisticated phishing campaigns and leverage effective, intuitive mechanisms to report phishing attacks.

Now, we’re inviting you to take it for a spin. As an early adopter, we’ll be asking you for feedback as we work to make this a universally powerful solution for reducing the risk presented by phishing attacks.

InsightPhishing users will be able to:

  • Cast Simulations – Use a library of professionally designed, customizable campaigns to simulate sophisticated phishing campaigns to train employees and understand risk.
  • Catch Potential Attackers – Equip employees with one-click reporting of suspected phishing attempts, both simulated and real, directly from their email client.
  • Classify Indicators of Phishing (IOPs) – Quickly investigate, analyze, and respond to reported phishing attempts, powered by contextualized Indicators of Phishing (IOPs) to highlight threats.

What goes into these three different features, and how do they help you? Let’s dive into each in more detail.

Cast Simulations

InsightPhishing combines Rapid7’s pioneering expertise in vulnerability management, penetration testing, and incident detection and response with unparalleled understanding of the attacker mindset. Through our experience developing social engineering features in products like Metasploit Pro, we know that customers want an easy-to-use solution that lets them create phishing user training campaigns without having to worry about leaking passwords or accidentally accessing employees’ systems. InsightPhish further reduces complexity by removing the need to configure email servers and security features, or create campaign templates from scratch.

Catch Potential Attackers

InsightPhishing makes it easy for even the most time-constrained employees to report suspected phishing emails. Add-ons enable one-click reporting directly from email clients for G Suite, Office 365, and Outlook users. Provide your own mailbox or use the unique address hosted by InsightPhishing to enable forwarding of suspected messages when employees do not have the add-on or are working from a mobile device. Quickly and efficiently analyze these reported messages with automatically highlighted Indicators of Phishing (IOPs).

Classify Indicators of Phishing (IOPs)

When it comes to identifying a malicious phishing campaign targeting your organization, every second counts. The Indicators of Phishing (IOPs) in InsightPhishing provide critical context about the messages being reviewed, allowing security teams to take swift action by quickly highlighting nefarious messages.

InsightPhishing gives users the ability to track not just the simulation click success rate—a common yet insufficient baseline metric for phishing tools and training programs—but also employee progress in recognizing and reporting emails that would otherwise give attackers access to sensitive data and networks. Exceptional visibility and intuitive assessment capabilities mean significant time savings for response teams.

Start your own phishing simulations and investigations today, and let us know what you think: Try it now.