Last updated at Fri, 15 Jun 2018 08:00:00 GMT

TL;DR: Hooray! Thanks SC Awards Europe, we’re dead chuffed with the award!

There are an actual tonne of incredible people at Rapid7. It’s an inspirational place, with amazing products and services, and a company ethos that really supports making a difference in the world. From the research we do, to the community support, to the public policy work that goes on, Rapid7 isn’t just your standard security software vendor. You might say I’m biased, but I can honestly tell you it’s a very special place to work. Knowing this as an employee is great - having it also recognised by the industry is a Wonderful Thing(™).

Last Tuesday, a small group of Rapid7 employees, channel partner and customer friends attended the SC Awards. We ate good food, drank some wine, heard from some fabulous speakers, and celebrated many great security organisations excelling in their fields of focus. Rapid7 received nominations in three categories - best deception technology, best vulnerability management solution, and the highly coveted best security company. The competition in all three categories was tough, so having been nominated was an accolade in itself.

When the winner of best security company was being announced, hearing that the judges picked the organisation based on “an extensive product and services portfolio with good customer service capability, research capability, and community involvement” honestly made my heart leap, and then hearing the name “Rapid7” made it figuratively explode. You can read more about why we won right here. This company, our ‘moose’ past and present, and our extended community, partner, and customer family, have all contributed to Rapid7’s ongoing success. This award is for all of you, and I know both Tom Rogers and I feel bloody lucky to have been the folks collecting it on your behalf. Thank you.

A massive thanks also to everyone at SC Awards Europe, we’re both humbled and proud, and we look forward to continuing on our quest to help companies securely operate and innovate in this amazing age of digital growth.

(Ten days after the event, I think my cheeks are still aching slightly from smiling.)