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In my (longer than I’d like to admit) experience as a technical educator, I’ve always enjoyed observing the different ways people learn. Some learners like to listen, while others prefer to read. Many like to collaborate, while others favor learning on their own. Some like a formal classroom, while others want self-paced learning. However, I have noticed that no matter a particular person’s learning preferences, nothing compares to a hands-on activity with technical training when it comes to getting information to stick.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get when we deliver a Rapid7 product training is, “How can I get more time with your labs?” We’ve also heard this feedback from our Rapid7 roadshows and user groups. After all, it’s not very often that you get to participate in a hands-on lab activity and be in the same room as experts!

If you’ve been waiting for that opportunity, I invite you to join our Rapid7 Product Consulting and Education teams at our Boost 2019 customer event on June 24 in Boston. One of the featured afternoon tracks will offer hands-on sessions to give you the opportunity to get your lab game on in a safe environment to learn and grow. Here’s what you can expect:


In our first session, highlighting InsightVM, we will discuss assessing your AWS infrastructure configuration and receiving real-time remediation information for your misconfiguration in AWS, including password policies, security group settings, and more. Hands-on labs will also show how easily the Insight Agent can be deployed to ensure all of your EC2 instances in AWS are assessed for vulnerabilities, without the need for scan engines or credentials.


Our next session will focus on InsightIDR. In it, you will learn how to gain visibility across your entire environment, detect attackers with analytics, and automate response. Adding automation tasks will help your organization conserve manpower for what humans do best: analyzing threats and adversaries, making informed response decisions, and embarking on strategic initiatives to reduce risk. Join us for this hands-on session as we walk through automating the process of quarantining an asset that is found running unauthorized software.


We will close our breakouts with a session focused on security orchestration and automation with InsightConnect, which can eliminate the burden of manually managing user accounts in a variety of use cases, including AWS IAM, all the while integrating into your existing provisioning/deprovisioning lifecycle. Join us for this session, in which we will walk through this use case in detail and give you an opportunity to build a workflow that automates deprovisioning of AWS IAM user accounts.

We really hope to see you at these sessions in June. To join us for Boost 2019, register here. There are only 200 spots available, so be sure to reserve soon!

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