Last updated at Thu, 01 Aug 2019 14:19:00 GMT

This week, we are relaunching Rapid7’s podcast, Security Nation. The new, reimagined podcast will focus on showcasing people and projects that are advancing security in their own ways. Each episode we will chat with an individual or group of individuals that have taken on some specific challenge to drive security forward in some way. It could be anything from organizational challenges like getting buy-in from execs, automating a time-consuming task, or building better security awareness, to more societally focused projects like building cyber-resilience for a state, developing new public policy, or collaborating to drive adoption of norms. Our guests will come from various industries, countries, and roles connected to security. We hope by hearing their stories, you may feel inspired to take on a security project of your own.

Since I am naturally super nosey curious, and also a big advocate for sharing information, collaborating, and learning from each other, I have the great honor of hosting the podcast. I love getting to hear our guest’s stories. I will be joined every episode by one or more of my amazing Rapid7 colleagues. Tod Beardsley, Rapid7’s director of research, brings his usual sardonic charm, intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm, and security insight. He will host a regular spot to highlight the big cybersecurity news stories of the week.

We hope the podcast will reflect the incredible diversity and evolution we see in the “security nation”. We have pentesters, SOC analysts, incident responders, reverse engineers, threat intel analysts, CISOs, policymakers, evangelists, Certified Thought Leaders, DevOps devotees, and myriad other roles. We have technical and non-technical individuals; white hats and grey hats; red teamers, blue teamers, and purple unicorns. People influencing the secure development of technologies, those securing technology in use in corporate environments, and those providing risk management solutions.

The list of contributors goes on. This podcast is a celebration of their journeys and the amazing things they are doing to advance security. Each episode, our guests will share their stories, covering what worked, what didn’t, and what they learned along the way.

For our first episode—available today—Tod and I speak with Zate Berg, who heads up the information security team at Zate shares with us his team’s journey to integrate automated appsec into high-velocity engineering processes. He also talks about his childhood on a million-acre station in North West Australia, and how he first fell in love with technology. Tod also walks through some of the main news stories around, including a new advisory on BlueKeep, an out-of-band patch for Oracle WebLogic, and new IoT security research. Check out the episode here.

If you have suggestions of future guests or projects that we should include, please post in the comments or tweet @Rapid7, Tod (@todb), or me (@infosecjen). And, if you like what you hear, please subscribe!