Last updated at Thu, 08 Apr 2021 15:55:32 GMT

In this episode, Beau Woods of I Am the Calvary, the Atlantic Council, and Stratigos Security and Meg King of the Wilson Center discuss their mission to improve collaboration between policymakers and the security community and better educate congressional staff on industry issues. Central to this mission is immersing congressional staff in the tech world by having them travel to Hacker Summer Camp in Las Vegas so they can learn and absorb all things cybersecurity.

Learn what it takes to put a program like this together, what challenges Beau and Meg have encountered along the way, and what advice they would give people who want to get involved and work with policymakers.

We also chat with Patrick Kiley of Rapid7 about his recently released research on the security of CAN bus systems in small aircraft, and Tod breaks down what you need to know about RDP and BlueKeep.

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