Last updated at Thu, 08 Apr 2021 15:46:00 GMT

In this episode of Security Nation, we speak with Rob Graham, founder of Errata Security Consultancy, well-known security blogger, and soon-to-be book author. In it, he talks about the process of creating (and naming!) BlackICE, and his new efforts to write a book “out of spite” to right the security wrongs he is seeing in the industry. Rob also shares some of his writing process and advice for others looking to take on similar projects.

Also, join Tod for the Rapid Rundown where he discusses how security pros can weigh in on election security through the Election Assistance Commission’s 2020 Election Administration and Voting Survey (2020 EAVS) and IT-ISAC’s request for information in the Election Industry SIG. Tod also reveals some key findings from Rapid7’s latest Industry Cyber-Exposure Report (ICER), which examines the level of exposure in top German organizations.

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