Last updated at Wed, 26 May 2021 19:58:46 GMT

In our latest episode of Security Nation, we talk with Robert Black, Deputy Director of the UK National Cyber Deception Lab, about his work training cyber-defenders to leverage deception techniques to ward off cyber-attackers.

From tricking hackers into thinking your network is already compromised to making attackers think their own personal information has been leaked, these new techniques represent a more proactive approach to defending against cyber-warfare.

Stick around for our Rapid Rundown, where the team discusses the latest Android security bulletin and the fact that there were...wait for it...extra mystery patches! Way to play coy Google, well done.

Robert Black

Robert Black is the Deputy Director of the UK’s National Cyber Deception Laboratory, where he focuses on exploring the potential deception offers in proactively defending our networks. He is also a Lecturer in Information Activities at Cranfield University, at the UK MoD’s Defence Academy, where he leads several modules of the Cyberspace Operations MSc.

His interests lie in understanding the role cyber can play in interstate relations, confrontation, and warfare. He has extensive experience working with cyber-practitioners, and has worked with cyber-operators in the planning and delivery of cyber operations. His research interests include cyber deception, information warfare, and covert action in the modern age.

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