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In this episode of Security Nation, we chat with Deborah Blyth, CISO of the State of Colorado, and Jill Fraser, CISO for Jefferson County, Colorado. They tell Jen and Tod about their experience securing Colorado's cyber infrastructure at a state-wide level, breaking down silos across the various local governments to come together on an integrated, long-term plan. They go through some of the challenges of funding, collaboration, and generating buy-in — as well as how the recent national focus on election security has impacted the state and local levels.

Stick around for the Rapid Rundown, where Tod and Jen discuss Firefox’s new feature blocking insecure downloads.

Jill Fraser

Jill Fraser is the Chief Information Security Officer for Jefferson County in Colorado where she has worked for 9 years. Jill is responsible for managing the county’s enterprise cybersecurity program, which includes policy and procedure guidance, continuous improvement of incident response capabilities, end user awareness training, and risk management. She concentrates on ensuring the county’s security program is a business enabler by maintaining a sound cybersecurity strategy that supports county productivity, growth, and innovation.

Jill is an advocate for cross-organizational collaboration. She was one of the founding members of the Colorado Threat Intelligence Sharing (CTIS) network and is an active partner in the Whole of State cybersecurity program in Colorado (cooperatives formed to improve cybersecurity in Colorado-by-Colorado). Additionally, she participates in a locals-only mentoring group that serves as mechanism of peer support. She is the Chair of Colorado’s Homeland Security Senior Advisory Committee’s Cyber Subcommittee, and she is a member of the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (MS-ISAC) Executive committee.

Jill is an advocate for development of programs that will improve local government’s ability to secure their data and services within the limited budgets and staffing constraints most locals face. Jill has been in the information technology field for over 20 years and is a Certified Information Systems Security professional (CISSP*) as well as a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C-CISO*).

Deborah Blyth

Deborah Blyth is Colorado’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), with over 25 years technology background and 15 years leading information security programs. As the CISO, she serves as the point of contact for all information security initiatives in Colorado, informing the state Chief Information Officer and executive agency leadership on security risks and impacts of policy and management decisions on IT-related initiatives. Deborah is responsible for determining the strategic and tactical security direction for executive branch agencies, to meet established objectives.

Before joining the state of Colorado, Deborah led the Information Technology Security and Compliance programs at TeleTech (5 years) and Travelport (3 years). Deborah is a Colorado native and graduated Summa cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree from Regis University.

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