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Most of us allow ourselves a few extra indulgences around the holidays — so despite my best editorial sensibilities, I'm letting myself indulge here in a well-deserved and sincerely meant cliche: For those of us who work on the Security Nation podcast, it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

Getting to hear our research and policy champions Jen Ellis and Tod Beardsley chat with some of the most thoughtful and influential people in cybersecurity on a biweekly basis is a welcome reminder of how vibrant and forward-thinking the security community is — especially during a time when virtual meetings and at-home workweeks are still the norm for most of us, and our work lives still feel more isolated than they once did.

To wrap up this year of podcasting, Security Nation's Producer Jennifer Carson (who's also a Senior Solutions Engineer here at Rapid7) and I thought it would be fun to convince Jen and Tod to let us turn the tables and interview them for a change. Sure, it was a somewhat transparent attempt to win ourselves a few moments in the spotlight, but it also gave us a chance to get together and reminisce about the year's podcasting exploits. We covered:

  • How Jen and Tod got started in the podcasting game
  • The biggest security stories we covered this year
  • Jen and Tod's most memorable podcast moments from 2021
  • The episode that made our normally fearless hosts tear up
  • Why PCI DSS compliance is more exciting than you might think
  • Who our dream guests are for 2022
  • And much more!

Check out the full conversation, see all of our shining faces, and get excited for what's to come in 2022.

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