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In this episode of Security Nation, Jen and Tod chat with Whitney Merrill, Data Protection Officer at Asana, about her work on the Crypto & Privacy Village and data privacy more broadly. She talks about how she keeps up with both the excitement and the effort of running the village, a mainstay at DEF CON each year – including the curveballs thrown by COVID-19. Whitney also takes Jen and Tod’s questions about the major data privacy topics of the day, touching on everything from vaccine passports to new legislation in California, targeted advertising, and the overlap between security and privacy.

Stick around for our Rapid Rundown, where Tod and Jen talk about psychic signatures in Java – which doesn’t involve ghosts, but does involve Dr. Who.

Whitney Merrill

Whitney Merrill is Asana's Data Protection Officer and heads up the growing privacy team. Previously she was Privacy, eCommerce & Consumer Protection Counsel at Electronic Arts (EA) and an attorney at the Federal Trade Commission. In her spare time, she runs the Crypto & Privacy Village, a nonprofit, which appears at DEF CON & BSidesSF each year.

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