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In this episode of Security Nation, Jen and Tod sit down with Jim O’Gorman and Ben “g0tmi1k” Wilson of Offensive Security to chat about Kali Linux. They walk our hosts through the vision behind Kali and how they understand the uses, advantages, and challenges of open-source security tools.

Stick around for our Rapid Rundown, where producer Jesse joins Tod to talk about an upcoming change in security protocols across the internet that might make passwords obsolete (eventually).

Jim O’Gorman

Jim O’Gorman (Elwood) began his tech career as a network administrator with a particular talent for network intrusion simulation, digital investigations, and malware analysis. Jim started teaching for OffSec in 2009 as an instructor for the Penetration Testing with Kali (PWK) course — a role he still enjoys. He went on to co-author Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide and Kali Linux: Revealed, and has developed and curated a number of OffSec courses. As the Chief Content and Strategy officer, he currently oversees the open source Kali Linux development project and participates with OffSec’s Penetration Testing Team.

Ben “g0tmi1k” Wilson

Ben "g0tmi1k" Wilson has been in the information security world for nearly two decades. Since joining Offensive Security nine years ago, he has applied his experience in a number of roles including live instructor, content developer, and security administrator. He is currently managing the day-to-day activity as well as developing Kali Linux, pushing it forward. He has worked on various vulnerabilities, which are published on Exploit-DB that he also works on. Furthermore he created and still runs VulnHub, allowing for hands-on experience.

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