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In this episode of Security Nation, Jen and Tod chat with Taki Uchiyama about his work on Panasonic’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT). They chat about educating folks on vulnerabilities associated with smart devices, the challenges of running PSIRT’s training sessions during the pandemic, and the importance of building security into internet-connected products.

Stick around for our Rapid Rundown, where Tod and Jen talk about a new white paper that shows how parking and toll apps that read license plates could inadvertently be used as a surveillance system.

Taki Uchiyama

Taki Uchiyama is a member of Panasonic PSIRT and is in charge of global product security activities. His main roles include the coordination of vulnerabilities, creating and conducting product security training to product developers, and providing assistance to product development teams on product security matters as necessary. Aside from his role in Panasonic, Taki has been a CVE Board Member since 2016. Prior to joining Panasonic, Takayuki worked at JPCERT/CC, where his main tasks involved the coordination of vulnerability reports with PSIRT's, taking part in various discussions groups related to the identification, analysis, coordination, and disclosure of vulnerabilities.

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  • Check out Panasonic's delightful PSIRT page – especially if you have a vulnerability in one of Panasonic's many, many products to report.

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