Last updated at Wed, 19 Oct 2022 14:42:57 GMT

In this episode, we discuss the best use of market research reports, like Magic Quadrants and Waves. If you're in the market for a new cybersecurity solution, do you just pick a Leader and call it a day?

“Consult the MQ only after you’ve identified two vendors that would be a perfect security solution for you,” say our hosts Jeffrey Gardner, Detection and Response Practice Advisor and Stephen Davis, Lead D&R Sales Technical Advisor. When you have two that meet or exceed the requirements? “I'll be honest, I might not care about the MQ placement,” says Davis.

Do not under any circumstances leave before the jazz hands bit: they do gather themselves and talk about how outcomes have to run the show, first and always.

Check back with us in November for our next installment of The Lost Bots!

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