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5 min 2022 Planning

2022 Planning: Metrics That Matter and Curtailing the Cobra Effect

Creating metrics in cybersecurity is hard enough, but creating metrics that matter is a harder challenge still.

3 min 2022 Planning

2022 Planning: Simplifying Complex Cybersecurity Regulations

Cybersecurity regulations often require similar baseline security practices, even though the legislation may structure compliance requirements differently.

6 min 2022 Planning

2022 Planning: A First-Year CISO Shares Her Point of View

​On Thursday, November 17, Katie Ledoux, CISO at Attentive, joined Rapid7's Bob Rudis to dive into how she's approaching 2022 planning.

4 min 2022 Planning

2022 Planning: Prioritizing Defense and Mitigation Through Left of Boom

In this post, we'll use ransomware as an example for 3 areas where you can apply a left-of-boom approach in your defenses in the coming year.

4 min 2022 Planning

2022 Planning: The Path to Effective Cybersecurity Maturity

Achieving cybersecurity maturity isn't something you can do overnight — it requires a significant amount of planning, prioritizing, and coordinating across the business.

4 min 2022 Planning

2022 Planning: Straight Talk on Zero Trust

What does zero trust really mean, and how can you assess if it has a practical place in your organization's cybersecurity strategy for 2022?

5 min 2022 Planning

2022 Planning: Designing Effective Strategies to Manage Supply Chain Risk

Rapid7 experts spoke with a group of industry panelists about the challenges of supply chain security and how their organizations are tackling them.