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3 min Detection and Response

Demystifying XDR: Where SIEM and XDR Collide

Forrester analyst Allie Mellen shares her perspective on SIEM vs. XDR and how the two can coexist within today's SOC teams.

3 min Detection and Response

Demystifying XDR: How Humans and Machines Join Forces in Threat Response

Finding the right balance between machine learning and human know-how is an essential part of a successful XDR implementation.

3 min Detection and Response

Demystifying XDR: A Forrester Analyst Lays the Foundation

We sat down with Forrester Analyst Allie Mellen to discuss extended detection and response (XDR) and how organizations can benefit from this approach.

3 min Project Heisenberg

No More Tears? WannaCry, One Year Later

WannaCry, one year later, and what happened to the SMB target environment.

4 min Vulnerability Management

CVE 100K: A Big, Round Number

There have been 100,000 CVEs published. That's a big, round number.

6 min Vulnerability Management

CVE 100K: By The Numbers

There have been 100,000 CVEs published. Here are some stats on the program so far.

5 min Expert Commentary

Actually, Grindr is Fine: FUD and Security Reporting

On Wednesday, March 28, NBC reported Grindr security flaws expose users' location data [] , a story which ticks a couple hot-button topics for security professionals and security reporters alike. It’s centered around the salacious topic of online dating in the LGBT community, and hits a personal safety concern for people using the app everywhere, not to mention the possibility of outing

3 min Vulnerability Management

Cisco Smart Install (SMI) Remote Code Execution: What You Need To Know

What’s Up? Researchers from Embedi discovered [] (and responsibly disclosed) a stack-based buffer overflow weakness in Cisco Smart Install Client code which causes the devices to be susceptible to arbitrary remote code execution without authentication. Cisco Smart Install (SMI) is a “plug-and-play” configuration and image-management feature that provides zero-touch deployment for new (t

6 min Vulnerability Management

The Wi-Fi KRACK Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the recently disclosed KRACK vulnerability affecting Wi-Fi security protocols (WPA1 and WPA2).