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CVE-2017-3823: Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Cisco WebEx Browser Plugin

On January 21st 2017, Google's Project Zero disclosed a vulnerability in Cisco's WebEx browser plugin extension that could allow attackers to perform a remote code execution (RCE) exploit on any Windows host running the plugin. An initial fix was pushed out by Cisco that warned a user if they were launching a meeting from a domain other than * or *, however, the fix was questioned by April King from Mozilla [

13 min Metasploit

Using Reflective DLL Injection to exploit IE Elevation Policies

As you are probably aware, sandbox bypasses are becoming a MUST when exploiting desktop applications such as Internet Explorer. One interesting class of sandbox bypasses abuse IE's Elevation Policies. An example of this type of sandbox bypass is CVE-2015-0016 []. The vulnerability has already been analyzed by Henry Li, who published a complete description in this blog entry [

2 min Microsoft

Patch Tuesday - September 2014

It's a light round of Microsoft Patching this month.  Only four advisories, of which only one is critical.  The sole critical issue this month is the expected Internet Explorer roll up affecting all supported (and likely some unsupported) versions.  This IE roll up addresses 36 privately disclosed Remote Code Execution issues and 1 publically disclosed Information Disclosure issue which is under limited attack in the wild. This will be the top patching priority for this month. Of the three no

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August Patch Tuesday

Microsoft clearly wants everyone to shake off the dog days of summer and pay attention to patching.  This month's advance notice contains nine advisories spanning a range of MSFT products.  We have the ubiquitous Internet Explorer all supported versions patch (MS14-051), with the same likely caveat that this would apply to Windows XP too, if Microsoft still supported it.  This patch addresses the sole vulnerability to be actively exploited in the wild from in this month's crop of issues, CVE-201

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Patch Tuesday, June 2014

Patch Tuesday, June 2014 delivers seven advisories, of them, two critical, five important – one of which is the seldom seen “tampering” type. The remarkable item in this month's advisories is MS14-035, the Internet Explorer patch affecting all supported versions.  That in itself is not unique, we see one of these almost every month, but this time the patch addresses 59 CVEs, that is 59 distinct vulnerabilities in one patch! Microsoft asserts that while two of the vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-1770

3 min Microsoft

Patch Tuesday, May 2014 - Lots going on

There is a lot going on in the updates from Microsoft this month, including some very interesting and long time coming changes. Also, it's the highest volume of advisories so far this year, with eight dropping on us, two of which are labelled as critical. How to describe the patching priority is going to be very subjective.  Microsoft has identified three of these advisories: MS14-024, MS14-025, & MS14-029, the IE patch as priority 1 patching concerns. Interestingly MS14-029 which is the update

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Are your users exposed to IE 0-Day? Find out who is still using IE in your organization

As many security professionals, you probably sent an email to your users in the last couple of days asking them NOT to use Internet Explorer as their browser in light of the latest IE Zero Day vulnerability [] . However, you may be lacking visibility to user behavior, finding it hard to observe if users actually follow your guidelines and indeed stop using Internet Explorer as t

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If you lived here, you'd be home now - thoughts on an IE 0-day

Growing up around Boston, I remember seeing the famous billboards for the Charles River Park apartments: "If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now".  These signs were placed strategically, almost sadistically, on Storrow Drive where they were seen every day by the thousands of motorists trapped in rush hour gridlock. This morning, as IT departments scrambled to react to the Internet Explorer 0day vulnerability, I couldn't help but think about that devilish piece of advertising. This critical vuln

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IE 0-day, we got you covered

News broke [] this weekend of yet another IE 0-day under ("limited, targeted") exploitation in the wild.  Microsoft responded [] with an advisory, but no patches yet.  Given that the risk from the known exploit is mitigated by the usual defence in depth tactics [https://technet.mic

1 min Microsoft

Patch Tuesday - March 2014

Microsoft's March Patch Tuesday again came in on the lighter side of some months.  This continues the 2014 trend of smaller Patch Tuesdays.  We only see 2 issues that are critical/remote code execution, one of which is the usual IE (MS14-012), the other is an an issue in the DirectShow libraries (MS14-013) which affects most versions of Windows from XP up to 8.1/2012r2.  These two are where we should focus our patching efforts. Of the 18 CVEs addressed in MS14-012, one is known to be in limit

2 min Microsoft

Patch Tuesday October 2013

It's been an interesting month for the Microsoft Security watchers of the world. If your job depends on securing systems running Windows, you should be eagerly awaiting the patch for the Internet Explorer (IE) 0-day (CVE-2013-3893: SetMouseCapture Use-After-Free) vulnerability in today's Patch Tuesday (MS13-080). Exploitation of this vulnerability was detected first in targeted, regionally restricted exploitation, and then later in broader use once the exploit code spread to various public sites

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Weekly Update: MSIE Exploit Disclosure, new CMDStager, and unattended.xml snarfing

MSIE exploit for CVE-2013-3893 This week, you might have seen some press [] on our new exploit for CVE-2013-3893, some of which engages in that favorite infosec dichotomy of full disclosure vs "responsible" disclosure. First, if you want some technical details on the exploit development process used by our own Wei @_sinn3r [] Chen, the bop on over to his blog post o

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IE 0-day: exploit code is now widely available (CVE-2013-3893)

Any newly discovered Internet Explorer zero day vulnerability is bad for users. But once the exploit code gets around to public disclosure sites, it's so much worse. In the past day or so exploit code has been submitted to and Users and administrators should take immediate action to mitigate the risk posed by CVE-2013-3893 [].  Considering the timing, I personally expect to see an out of band patch fro

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Department of Labor IE 0-day Exploit (CVE-2013-1347) Now Available at Metasploit

Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor website was compromised [] and had been serving malicious code, capable of detecting and disabling some antivirus products such as Avira, F-Secure, Kaspersky, AVG, Sophos, etc.  It would also attack Internet Explorer 8 users with an 0-day exploit.  The Metasploit vulnerability research community was particularly interested in the exploit part, therefore that's what w

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Weekly Metasploit Update: MSIE and Poison Ivy Returns

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like 0-Day As you may have heard, on Monday we rolled out a special update to Metasploit to include the new Internet Explorer use-after-free exploit, aka, CVE-2012-4969 []. Last night, while scrolling through my RSS feed for security news, I saw this NetworkWorld story [] about how someone is using this vulnerability to install Poison Ivy, a RAT / backdoor. Of course,