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SOC Monkey - Week In Review - 7.30.12

Fellow Monkeynauts! Welcome back to your work week after what I assume was a long Blackhat/Defcon adventure for many of you. Now that you can safely use your mobile devices again, feel free to download my App [] from the Apple App Store []. Twitter tops the charts this week, with a few stories about a new malware making the rounds: Twitter malware warning: It's you on photo? or I

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SOC Monkey - Week in Review - 7.9.12

Welcome back Monkeyminions, to the best content aggregation blog you read on Mondays that's written by a monkey. If you'd like to join in the content part, feel free to download my App [], from the Apple App Store []. It's July 9th, so for about 300,000 people, it's the end of the internet as they know it (yet I feel fine?): Still infected, 300,000 PCs to lose Internet access July

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SOC Monkey - Week in Review - 7.2.2012

Happy Monday Monkeynauts! My Free App [] from the Apple App Store [] had these following links as it's most repeated and retweeted last week.  Let's take a look at what had everyone buzzing. First up this week, is the response from RSA to a few posts saying they were hacked: Don't Believe Everything You Read; Your RSA SecurID Token is Not Cracked. [

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For every data breach that makes the headlines, there are tens to hundreds that go unreported by the media, unreported by companies, or even worse, go unnoticed. The rash of negative publicity around organizations that have experienced data breaches would appear to be a sufficient motivator to whip corporate leaders into bolstering their security programs in order to prevent from being the next major headline. If that is not reason enough, the litany of regulations imposed on certain industries

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Using Nexpose At Home | Theory & Install

According to the NHTSA, over 1/3rd of all auto-related accidents happen within one mile of home.  Many drivers reported a ‘switching off' syndrome that kicked in while driving on familiar roads.  As we get closer to the place we feel most comfortable, it's easy to adopt a casual posture towards things we take for granted.  At home, one of the things we take most for granted is our technology. Whether you rely on wireless, connect directly or both – for many, network security is a close to home a

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SOC Monkey - Week in Review - 6.25.12

Dearest Monkeynauts, I have returned to give you a full update of the big stories that you might have missed last week in Information Security. If you'd like to stay updated at any time, my App [], from the Apple App store [] is free to download! Last week saw quite a few topics that I've discussed here before maintaining their position with the Pips. The news story that really

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SOC Monkey - Week in Review - 6.18.2012

Hello again Monkeynauts, For those of you that are returning, welcome back!  For those of you that clicked here and don't know where I find my tidbits, why not try my free SOC Monkey App [], from the Apple App store [] , and then roll on back here next week? After the press barrage of the last week, with LinkedIn and the remnants of Flame, it seems to be a pretty light week on my

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SOC Monkey - Week In Review - 6.11.12

Dear Monkeynauts, As some of you might have noticed, I've moved my publication date out to Monday going forward. This gives you the entire weekend to download my App [], from the Apple App Store! [] I'm sure it's no surprise to all of you, that our most retweeted and talked about topic this week is of course Linkedin, and their very large password leak, followed swiftly by the

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Microsoft Releases Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Update

Microsoft has released an update for Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2): By hardening the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Microsoft is attempting to assure their customers that they can trust the update process. From a security perspective, Flame isn't a mass threat to most organizations; however, this is a way to ensure the integrity of the update process. It is apparent that Microsoft was working on many of these upda

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Confusion over the FLAME platform and Flame Malware

I've seen a couple of postings on the Internet about a possible link between Flame malware with a project from National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC) in Brazil. They released a tool called Flexible and Lightweight Active Measurement Environment (FLAME) in 2009. This version of FLAME is a platform for prototyping network tools, which uses Lua as an extension language. FLAME allowed for the capability to deploy and remotely control packet flooding agents through instant messenger, and

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SOC Monkey - Week in Review 5.25.12

It's SOC Monkey, coming to you on May 25th, otherwise known as Geek Pride Day []. Unrelated, sure, but not something my Monkeynauts should be unaware of.  Also, they should be aware of my IPhone App [], still free to download from the Apple App Store []. First, let's start with a big company from the beginning of the Internet: Yahoo Axis

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Are You in the Business of Selling Fear?

Let's be honest, security is primarily sold on the fear of something bad happening. If a breach occurs how will business continuity be affected? What will it cost? How bad could it be? These are the questions penetration testing seeks to answer for you. The end result is completion of a cost benefit analysis for purchasing security controls. The cost benefit analysis is calculated by totaling the cost of a single loss or breach, multiplied by breach likelihood, and comparing that to the price of

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SOC Monkey Week In Review 5.11.12

Monkeynauts! I have returned, and I bring free gifts from the Apple App Store [] - my SOC Monkey App [] that you should be downloading as I type. First up, I've got a great story from the always wonderful Wired [], about just how ubiquitous being attacked really is these days: Everyone Has Been Hacked. Now What? [

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How Data Breaches Affect Your Brand Value

A company's reputation, represented by its brand, can take a huge hit in a data breach, but it's also one of the hardest things to calculate in hard dollars. Imagine that all buildings of the Coca-Cola company burn down today. Someone is offering you to buy the rights to use the brand Coca-Cola in the future to sell beverages. What would this right be worth to you? Although the entire enterprise has ceased to exist, the brand still has a certain value. Many companies invest a lot of money for

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SOC Monkey Week in Review - 4.26.12

Dearest Monkey Minions, It is once again your favorite Simian InfoSec curator, bringing you the most interesting bits and pieces from my App [], that is, as you know, free in the Apple App Store []. This week, I'm actually traveling out there in that big wide world, so I'm going to keep this relatively simple. Next week, my normal big monkey mouth will be back in force, with lots