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Rapid7 Threat Intelligence Book Club: ‘Countdown to Zero Day’ Recap

The final section of Kim Zetter's “Countdown to Zero Day”pulls together the many factors that are present in attacks such as Stuxnet.

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Threat Intel Book Club: July recap, August sign-up

Register for the second round of Rapid7's threat intelligence book club and join us to discuss takeaways from Countdown to Zero Day.

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Rapid7 Threat Intel Book Club: Summer Session

In April we wrapped up our first installment of the Rapid7 Threat Intel Book Club [/2018/04/12/threat-intel-book-club-the-cuckoos-egg-wrap-up/]. Much to our delight, our New Year’s resolution/grand experiment [/2018/01/01/auld-lang-syne-threat-intelligence-resolutions-for-2018/] on hosting a regular threat intel book club was a success! We got to dive into The Cuckoo’s Egg [] with a few dozen of our closest internet friends, discuss the things that

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Threat Intel Book Club: The Cuckoo's Egg wrap-up

Last week, Rebekah Brown [] and I wrapped up The Cuckoo’s Egg [] with book club readers around the world. Dig through some blog archives to get a sense of how this book club got started [/2018/02/02/welcome-to-the-2018-threat-intel-book-club/] and what we’ve discussed [/2018/02/27/recap-2-21-threat-intelligence-book-club/] so far [/2018/03/18/next-threat-intel-book-club-4-5-recapping-the-cuckoos-egg/]. Below is a recap of

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Next Threat Intel Book Club 4/5: Recapping The Cuckoo’s Egg

Welcome, book clubbers! Our next digital book club meeting will be Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 8 PM EST. Register here (required): First-timer [/2018/02/02/welcome-to-the-2018-threat-intel-book-club/]? Don’t have the book? No problem. We’ll be summarizing the plot and the takeaways from the book as a whole next time, so new folks are welcome and encouraged to join in. Reminder: Our book club is for people who are interested in learning about threat intel for the first t

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Threat Intelligence Book Club: Round 2

Last Wednesday, Rebekah Brown [/author/rebekah-brown] and I hosted Rapid7’s inaugural threat intelligence book club [/2018/02/02/welcome-to-the-2018-threat-intel-book-club/] meeting, where we dug into the first third of Cliff Stoll’s classic The Cuckoo’s Egg with what was (fortunately for us) deemed appropriate enthusiasm. A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to join us in exploring the world of 1980s threat intel; your passion, eloquence, and expertise were inspiring. For those who misse

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Welcome to the Rapid7 2018 Threat Intel Book Club!

At the end of 2017 we had the opportunity to think back on the year and reflect [/2018/01/01/auld-lang-syne-threat-intelligence-resolutions-for-2018/] on what was done right in threat intelligence in 2017 and what we could improve on. What stood out to me most over the past year was how many people expressed an interest in learning more about threat intelligence. I had people ranging from those with decades of experience in information security, to social workers looking to move into the industr