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3 min Security Operations Center (SOC)

Powerlifting in the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

If your SOC hasn’t been running smoothly in a while, there’s likely multiple reasons why. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. An MDR provider could help you weather the talent gap.

3 min Application Security

Rapid7 Takes Home 2 Awards and a Highly Commended Recognition at the 2022 Belfast Telegraph IT Awards

Rapid7 was honored at the Belfast Telegraph's annual IT Awards, Friday, taking home a pair of awards including the coveted “Best Place to Work in IT” in the large company category award, and the “Cyber Security Project of the Year” award.

4 min Security Operations Center (SOC)

Culture Fitness

Companies all over the world tout their positive cultures and how great it is to be part of the team. But what a shrewd potential hire should really be looking for is a culture with true depth, not just a social media presence.

3 min Security Operations Center (SOC)

From Churn to Cherry on Top: How to Foster Talent in a Cybersecurity Skills Gap

It’s more about thoughtfully building a talent pipeline that benefits your specific organization and moves the needle for the company. The key word in that last sentence? Thoughtfully.

3 min Job Listing

The Intelligent Listing: Cybersecurity Job Descriptions That Deliver

Modern job descriptions cause a lot of eye-rolling. What used to be a couple of paragraphs is now filled with a laundry list of too many "requirements."