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2 min Metasploit Weekly Wrapup

Metasploit Wrapup

To celebrate this first day of Autumn[1], we've got a potpourri of "things Metasploit" for you this week. And it might smell a bit like "pumpkin spice"... Or it might not. Who knows? Winter is Coming If you're looking to finish filling your storehouse before the cold sets in, we've got a couple of new gatherer modules to help. This new Linux post module [] can locate and pull TOR hostname and private key files for TOR hidden

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UNITED Summit: Day 2

After a jam-packed day one of Rapid7’s UNITED Summit [/2017/09/13/united-summit-day-1/], the UNITED running club started the day bright and early yet again. The rest of us opened UNITED [] day two with a fireside chat hosted by Jen Ellis [/author/jen-ellis], Rapid7 VP of Community and Public Affairs, and a slew of prominent security commentators: Lares founder Chris Nickerson [], Mach37 Cyber’s [] man

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Data Mining the Undiscovered Country

Using Internet-scale Research Data to Quantify and Reduce Exposure It’s been a busy 2017 at Rapid7 Labs. Internet calamity struck swift and often, keeping us all on our toes and giving us a chance to fully test out the capabilities of our internet-scale research platform []. Let’s take a look at how two key components of Rapid7 Labs’ research platform—Project Heisenberg and Heisenberg Cloud—came together to enumerate and reduce exposure the past two quarters. (If r

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UNITED Summit: Day 1

Explore, Challenge, Progress: Make The World a Better Place What a day! Rapid7’s UNITED Summit [] officially kicked off today at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. Joined by our partner sponsors Code42, CyberArk, Recorded Future and Red Seal, Rapid7 welcomed 500 attendees. UNITED kicked off the conference with the surprise opener Blue Man Group. Now if that’s not a welcome to Boston, I don’t know what is! Following the fun of the Blue Men, Rapid7’s

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Keeping it simple at UNITED

The following post is a guest blog by Bo Weaver, Senior Penetration Tester at CompliancePoint []. If you're attending UNITED, you can catch Bo's talk at 11:45 AM on Thursday, September 14 in the Phish, Pwn, and Pivot track. Hi! I’m Bo. I’ll be speaking at Rapid7’s UNITED Summit in Boston [] this week, and Rapid7's community manager [/author/caitlin-condon] asked me to write a little blog about my talk. I marvel how on the net we

2 min GDPR

GDPR or GDP-argh? Find out at UNITED!

Contained within this post is a secret look into the talk-planning life of Samantha Humphries, Rapid7's senior manager for international solutions, and Katie Ledoux, a senior security analyst. Let's watch what happens. From: Caitlin Condon Sent: 16 August 2017 15:26 To: Samantha Humphries; Katie Ledoux Subject: Re: Blog post for your GDPR session at UNITED Sam! Katie! How would you two feel about writing a blog post on your UNITED [] session on GDPR compliance

1 min UNITED

UNITED Spotlight: Industry Roundtables

Rapid7’s annual UNITED Summit [] is fast approaching, on September 13th and 14th in Boston. As a past attendee (both as a customer and as a Moose []), I can assure you that UNITED is a great opportunity to learn about emerging and ongoing cybersecurity and IT topics—from the Rapid7 team and from experts across many different industries. My favorite example of this is the Industry Roundtables, scheduled on Wednesday, Septembe

4 min Public Policy

Cybersecurity for NAFTA

When the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was originally negotiated, cybersecurity was not a central focus. NAFTA came into force – removing obstacles to commercial trade activity between the US, Canada, and Mexico – in 1994, well before most digital services existed. Today, cybersecurity is a major economic force – itself a large industry and important source of jobs, as well as an enabler of broader economic health by reducing risk and uncertainty for businesses. Going forward, cybe

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Gone Phishing: A Case Study on Conducting Internal Phishing Campaigns

To many, emails are boring. It’s been a long time since they were ‘cool,’ and they’re probably the slowest form of communication in an evolving fast-paced digital world. Nevertheless, there were 215 billion emails [] exchanged per day in 2016, and that number is growing at 3% annually. It's clear that emails aren’t going away anytime soon—and neither are their implications for security.

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Survival of the fastest: evolving defenders with broad security automation

If you’ve read the news at all lately, you know that we're having some struggles with information security. Everything from elections to hospitals to Westeros is considered a target, and adversaries continue to learn and innovate—often faster than the defense can respond. It’s not that they have better tools or work harder than the defense, so what gives? If you're struggling with these issues and happen to be coming Rapid7's annual United Summit [], swing by th

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Metasploit: The New Shiny

It's been a while since I've written a blog post about new stuff in Metasploit [] (and I'm not sure if the editors will let me top the innuendo of the last one [/2017/02/09/metasploit-framework-valentines-update/]). But I'm privileged to announce that I'm speaking about Metasploit twice next month: once at the FSec 17 Conference [] in Varaždīn, Croatia September 7-8, and a second time at UNITED 2017 [

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You've Got 0-Day!

Hey all, it feels like it's been forever since I wrote a blog post that wasn't about some specific disaster currently consuming the Internet, so I just wanted to drop a note here about how I'll be speaking at UNITED 2017 [], Rapid7's annual security summit in Boston September 11-14. Specifically, I'll be closing out the Research and Collaborate track [] at UNITED on a topic near and dear to my heart: the vagaries of vulnerabili

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Top Reasons for Graduate Students to Attend UNITED

The countdown is on to Rapid7's annual UNITED Summit [] in Boston on September 13-14. Rapid7 has partnered with top universities all over the globe to provide students with industry-leading security solutions as part of their coursework, equipping them with hands-on knowledge as they head into the workforce. This year, for the first time, Rapid7 is expanding its Higher Education Program [] and providing schol

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Hack with Metasploit: Announcing the UNITED 2017 CTF

Got mad skillz? Want mad skillz? This year at Rapid7's annual UNITED Summit [], we're hosting a first-of-its-kind Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. Whether you're a noob to hacking or a grizzled pro, you'll emerge from our 25-hour CTF with more knowledge and serious bragging rights. Show off your 1337 abilities by competing for top prizes, or learn how to capture your first ever flag. Read on for details, and if you haven't already done so, register for UNITED

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UNITEDSummit 2016: An attendee's perspective

Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Mike Perez, Implementation Engineer for Cryptzone. Since my initial introduction to Rapid7's UNITED Summit customer conference in 2015, I had been looking forward to the opportunity to attend again. The conference is a mixture of good fun, great food, and excellent content in my hometown of Boston at a vibrant venue (the Seaport Hotel).  The event covers Rapid7's product line and how the offerings can help their customers.  However, in my opinion, Rapid7